Apartment Pet Waste Stations

Choose from a selection of Dogipot pet waste containers and supplies to keep your apartment grounds free of pet waste and odor. These freestanding stations contain durable containers and bag dispensers, and can be paired with reminder signs to help encourage responsible pet waste disposal. Prevent unclean dog walking practices by providing your residents with everything they need to clean up their pet’s mess quickly and hygienically. For this reason, the Dogipot is a must-have for pet-friendly apartment communities and shared buildings.

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Disease Prevention and Odor Elimination
Our pet waste disposal stations come in flap-lidded and narrow-top container styles to contain odors and bacteria. Their elevated structure also prevents pests, effectively preventing the spread of disease and germs. Loose pet waste on shared grass space can potentially spread infectious parasites such as tapeworm, ringworm, giardia, and hookworm, as well as toxic bacteria that can leach into nearby waterways. For this reason, keeping your apartment grounds clean of dog waste is also a public health issue. As a responsible community manager or building owner, Dogipot waste stations are imperative in keeping your residents happy and healthy.

Cater to Your Pet Owners!
Adding outdoor pet-friendly utilities like the Dogipot pet waste container helps simplify your residents’ daily routine. Rather than having to carry around their pet’s full bags and hunt for a trash can, your residents can rely on easy, convenient waste disposal that they can feel good about. Reward responsible pet owners with an all-in-one pickup station that makes their morning dog walk a little bit easier. Add clear signage to instruct your residents to keep their dogs leashes for community safety, or mark where they are allowed to let their dogs run freely.

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