Municipal Park Grills

Municipal Park Grills provide steel barbecue pedestal park grills for outdoor recreational parks. Burn Charcoal or wood for picnic Barbecues. City parks use these heavy duty park grills to create safe and useful barbecue picnic areas for picnic gatherings. We sell single pedestal grills that have non removable grills to prevent vandalism and keep barbecues functional for picnic gatherings. Large group grills allow for a large grill surface to grill many hamburgers and hotdogs at the same time. 

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Fire Rings and Fire Pits from Picnic Furniture

Fire rings and fire pits can be purchased to keep fire safety in campgrounds at campsites while providing a grill surface for campers. Municipal Park Grills are valued priced for our local and national parks. Give us a call to get a great deal on a Municipal Park Grill and fire ring.

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