Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Concrete Outdoor Furniture includes concrete outdoor picnic tables, concrete outdoor trash cans, and Concrete outdoor benches that are all outdoor commercial grade furniture made from commercial cement. Furniture made from concrete is heavy, durable, and is the best furniture selection when public exposure is constant. Highly vandal resistant, Portland cement is used meeting A S T M C150 specifications. All aggregates meet ASTM C33 specifications, to be cleaned of foreign matter and properly graded to size. Colors used are inorganic, resistant to alkalinity. Recycled steel is used for reinforcement. The best news is our factory uses special trucks to deliver professionally with surprisingly low shipping rates. Many models are in stock for east coast and west coast distribution. Our prices are tailored to make the most of your budget.

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Concrete Picnic Tables Will Last Forever!

Concrete picnic furniture is usually a one time purchase for a business. It may cost more at time of purchase, but a concrete picnic table or concrete bench is a valuable investment for a business by reducing replacement and maintenance costs overall. Concrete picnic furniture sets could include a concrete bench, concrete picnic tables, and a concrete trash receptacle. Give us a call to get a discount on all these items to furnish your new project.

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