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Fire Ring with Grill

Outdoor fire rings with grills are essential amenities at parks, campgrounds, schools, sporting arenas, and other recreational spaces. They provide warmth and ambiance, and the attached grating transforms the fire ring into a versatile grilling station. When choosing a commercial-grade fire ring with a grill, durability, safety, and convenience should be top priorities. For fire rings built to deliver on those requirements, look no further than Picnic Furniture's durable rust-resistant commercial-grade models. Our rings are crafted to meet the grilling and warming needs of high-traffic venues for years to come.

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What is a Fire Ring with a Grill?

A fire ring with a grill is a fire pit with an integrated grilling surface. Fire rings keep users warm with an open flame, while the attached grill grate allows you to cook over the fire. Quality fire ring grills feature heavy-duty grates made from cast iron, steel, or chrome-plated metal designed to withstand high heat.

Fire rings with grills have the same familiar round shape as regular fire pits. However, they feature durable metal grill grates that sit on top of the pit. These grates are often flippable or adjustable to allow for a traditional campfire or fire pit when desired. But keeping them in place allows them to be used as an outdoor grill.

A fully adjustable fire ring has grates that allow you to raise or lower the cooking surface to accommodate anything from burgers and dogs to steak or vegetables. Guests can also enjoy an open campfire or bonfire with the ability to grill delicious foods at a moment's notice. They allow you to save space and combine two amenities in one efficient unit — no more packing bulky grilling equipment or keeping a separate grill on hand. The integrated grill grate adds tremendous functionality.

What to Look For in a Commercial Fire Ring with a Grill

When selecting a fire ring grill for high-traffic public use, keep these features in mind:

  • Durability: A commercial fire ring designed for outdoor spaces should withstand years of exposure to heat, weather, and heavy use. Opt for thick steel construction with a non-toxic, durable rust resistant, and heat-resistant finish to prevent corrosion. The fire rings should be made from heavy-gauge steel that won't easily bend, break, or burn through.
  • Safety: Choose a fire ring with a cool touch exterior and handles to prevent burns. Sturdy construction will keep the ring from tipping.
  • Grill Functionality: The best fire rings feature heavy-duty grill grates sized proportionately to the ring. Grates should be removable for easy cleaning. Look for grates made of durable materials like steel that hold and distribute heat effectively for cooking.
  • Low Maintenance: Commercial fire rings should require minimal maintenance between uses. Ash bins and removable grates simplify cleaning. Durable finishes prevent chipping, peeling, and corrosion even after years of outdoor exposure.
  • Accessibility: For parks and campgrounds, consider an ADA wheelchair-accessible fire ring designed for easy wheelchair access. The cooking height should be adjustable to accommodate different users. Options like cool spring handles allow for safe use without the risk of burns.

The Value of a Commercial Fire Ring with a Grill

For campgrounds, parks, schools, apartments, and other outdoor venues, a quality fire ring with a grill provides an excellent return on investment. Not only does it extend the functionality of a traditional fire pit for grilling, but it provides several value-adds:

  • Increased Guest Satisfaction: Patrons appreciate the ability to grill without packing cumbersome equipment. Fire rings with grates are one of the most popular campground and park amenities.
  • Added Revenue Stream: Some venues charge a modest rental fee for fire ring use, which can offset the initial investment. Grilling also keeps visitors on-site longer.
  • Functional Amenity: Grill grates integrated into the fire ring prevent the need to purchase separate grills. It's one efficient amenity instead of two.
  • Safety: Well-constructed fire rings contain embers and prevent injuries.
  • Reliability: Commercial-grade fire rings withstand constant outdoor use for years with minimal maintenance required. Investing in quality fire rings saves the hassle and cost of getting replacements year after year.
  • Crowd Pleaser: Families, groups, and couples all enjoy gathering around a warming fire and grilling their favorite foods. Fire pits with grates have universal appeal.

While the upfront cost is higher than residential models, heavy-duty commercial-grade fire rings with grill grates pay for themselves in guest satisfaction, versatility, and reliability. Made properly, they deliver fun, safety, and value for many seasons.

Invest in Quality Fire Rings with Integrated Grills from Picnic Furniture

Picnic Furniture manufactures commercial-grade fire rings engineered specifically for high-traffic public use. Our sturdy steel construction can withstand years of outdoor grilling and fires. All products are proudly made in the USA to the highest standards. Contact us to learn more about our full line of commercial fire rings, grills, and accessories.


What are the benefits of a fire ring with a grill?

Fire rings with integrated grill grates offer versatility in one unit for both warmth and cooking. The adjustable heights accommodate different grilling needs, from searing steaks to warming buns. Grilling over real wood or charcoal fire adds incredible smoky flavor compared to propane grills. Combining a fire pit and grill into one saves space and equipment.

What materials should I look for?

Commercial-grade fire rings are typically made from thick gauge steel and coated in high heat-resistant enamel. Durable steel holds up to heavy use.

How do I choose the fire ring size?

Consider the number of people you would expect to gather around the fire ring. Larger rings between 40-60 inches generally accommodate 6-10 people. Rings under 40 inches suit smaller groups.

What maintenance is required for fire rings?

Quality fire rings require minimal maintenance — just the occasional removal of ash. The sturdy steel construction and protective finish make them built to withstand constant outdoor exposure. Other than dumping out ash remnants before the next use, no regular upkeep is required.

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