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Shipping & Returns only uses factories that commercially package our products to reduce damage from commercial transportation. Basic Shipping charges cover loading merchandise at the factory and transporting to the delivery address provided at the time of the order. Additional services can be purchased to assist in the delivery process. See Below.

Small orders of merchandise can usually be physically taken off the truck. It is our customer’s responsibility to receive, inspect and record the condition of the merchandise on the packing slip at the time of delivery. Damaged merchandise or parts will be replaced or repaired to new condition only when recorded on the packing slip and reported within three days of the actual delivery.

If the delivery is large and complete inspection is not possible you must record on the packing slip “Received without complete inspection.”

Truck Drivers are simply drivers and are not contracted to assist with deliveries. If assistance is required to receive your products, it is extremely important to make arrangements in advance by purchasing services on line. These services are listed below and are available for selection during the checkout process. If you have any questions about these additional charges please call immediately for assistance (1-800-775-8409).

Our goal is to make your purchasing experience from the most cost effective and efficient solution found in our market. Please use caution to ensure all of the shipping information details and services are correct when ordering. Additional charges may occur if the delivery address is incorrect or required services are not ordered at the time of delivery. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Shipping Surcharges:

If you are unable to accept a shipment via the above method you may need to select additional services for an additional charge. Please review the surcharges below:

Note: These shipping surcharges are available for selection during the checkout process within the Customer Shipping page.

 Residential Delivery 

Surcharge: $45.00

If the address that the products are being shipped to is not a commercial location or commercial truck route then you must select Residential Delivery. This includes deliveries to home based businesses and community club houses.

 Limited Access Delivery 

Surcharge: $75.00

If the address that the products are being shipped to is in a commercial location that is not in a commercial zone or is in an area that commercial carriers do not normally deliver to you must select Limited Access Delivery. This includes schools, churches and home based businesses.

 Lift Gate Delivery 

Surcharge: $125.00

All orders are shipped by Tailgate Delivery. It is your responsiblity to have the adequate personell or equipment available to off load the products. If you need the products to be off loaded from the truck you must select Lift Gate Delivery and the driver will off load the products to the ground only, they will not move them to any other location.

 Inside Delivery 

Surcharge: $185.00

If you require the products to be delivered to an inside location you must select Inside Delivery. The driver will then off load your products and take them to the first avaiable door of their choice. They will not move the products up stairs or to an elevator. Lift Gate Delivery is included with this service.

 Construction Site Delivery 

Surcharge: $100.00

Any products being shipped to a construction site of a building, road, bridge or other sites of constructions including entire property in which construction is being done must select Construction Site Delivery. This includes any warehouses, depots, supply houses or similar facilities located on the propery. Call Before Delivery is included in this service should you need to schedule a delivery time.

 Call Before Delivery 

Surcharge: $25.00

Should you require an appointment to be scheduled for delivery you must select Call Before Delivery. The commercial carrier will contact you 24 hours in advance to schedule a delivery time.

 Driver Assist Delivery 

Surcharge: $75.00

Should you require assistance by the commercial carrier driver to off load the products you must select Driver Assist Delivery. The driver will only assist in taking the products off the truck and placing them on the ground. They will not move the products to any other location.

If you have any questions regarding the above shipping methods or have special shipping needs, feel free to call Customer Service at (1-800-775-8409). We look forward to serving your needs.