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Outdoor Furniture for Schools & Universities

Picnic Furniture provides a large offering of essential outdoor site amenities for school and university campuses everywhere! Our outdoor furniture is made at top quality USA based factories where durability, longevity, and safety are the top priority. Find our picnic tables, park benches, trash cans, bike racks, aluminum bleachers and more at many of our nation’s most iconic campuses as well as your local elementary school. Made with the best commercial-grade materials to hold up for years against unpredictable seasonal weather and daily use. Our outdoor equipment will address all campus needs such as park benches for breezeways where students congregate or portable bleachers for athletic competitions and special events. Add picnic tables to the courtyard for social gathering and shared meals or bike racks by all major locations for students to park their bikes. Many of our outdoor equipment can be personalized with custom logos or manufactured in multiple colors to show off school pride in a fun and exciting way. There are many benefits to shopping with Picnic Furniture, we are your one stop shop for school campus outdoor furniture! Order online today or call and speak to one of our sales professionals to receive a customized quote.

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Huge Selection of Outdoor School Furniture All in One Place!

No two schools are built the same which is why we put all our outdoor school furniture into one area to make company administrator jobs easy. Every school deserves outdoor furniture that is tailored to their unique needs. Browse our selection of ADA and wheelchair accessible outdoor equipment to ensure all students have their needs met. Add buddy benches to your elementary school yard so students have a comfortable space to meet and make friends during recess. Outfit the sports field with aluminum bleachers which come in a range of sizes to accommodate any number of spectators and players.

Eye-Catching Colors for Every Occasion

Picnic Furniture offers a ride range of vibrant colors and finishes that will make a campus pop. From multi-colored elementary picnic tables for the school yard to benches matching school colors on the quad. Further customize outdoor furniture with school logos and laser cut mascots. Create a fun, safe environment for students that is made just for them with our outdoor furniture for schools and universities.

Get the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your School

Picnic Tables - There are many benefits to carrying a range of picnic table styles. Having an assortment of two and three bench ADA tables provides wheelchair access to as many students as possible. While rectangular tables hold more students than round tables which are great for smaller, compact spaces.

School Logo Outdoor Furniture - Submit a graphic or logo through your company account with us and get branding for your bench equipment. Represent your local track and field team or hype students up with the school cheer!

Bike Racks - Bike racks are an important but often overlooked outdoor equipment. Provide a safe place for students to secure their bikes. We offer double capacity, low-profile, and compact styles to cater to the bicycle community in your area.

Bleachers - Don't let spectators stand around, bleachers are the best seating solution for large open areas. From the field to the outdoor stage, we have portable bleachers in a multitude of sizes.

Benches & Buddy Benches - Park benches are a must have outdoor furniture for large campuses and schools. Buddy Benches are specialized outdoor equipment made for kids and students that want to make friends or have a place to rest between classes.

Playground - There are many benefits to offering early-childhood development courses and daycares on campus. Playgrounds allow children to burn off extra energy so they are ready to learn in the classroom.

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