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Playground Spring Riders

Children love spring riders on the playground as they fantasize about riding a horse or flying a plane, while never leaving the ground! Kids will enjoy controlling the rocking motion whether they are in hot pursuit of a police motorcycle or just enjoying the steady sway on the back of a friendly whale.  Picnic Furniture offers a variety of commercial playground spring riders suitable for any age group. Fun for elementary schools, local parks, and daycare centers. Made with all commercial-grade materials, these playground spring riders are not only durable but safe.

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A playground spring rider is a mounted toy designed for swaying or spinning in one area. Working similarly to a rocking horse, playground equipment spring riders rock back and forth, move in circles or simply bounce around as they create their own unique motion. These coil spring playground toys provide a great way for both younger and older students to burn off some energy. What makes the spring rider an excellent addition to school playgrounds is that they help to promote physical activity and engage children in play. Playground spring riders are a great way to encourage socialization and interaction between peers while they’re exercising. It can foster healthy competition while Children vie for the fastest ride and most outlandish movements. What’s more, these playground spring rider amusements promote sensory integration as children control the speed, duration, and direction of the ride. They challenge balance, agility, and coordination in an effort to keep the playground spring rider in motion. As such, playground spring riders are fun for all and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and sizes, making them a perfect addition to school playgrounds. If you are looking for a fun and engaging addition to the playground of your school or daycare, the playground spring rider is an excellent choice. It is a great way to foster gross motor skill development while keeping the kids entertained!


Playground Spring Rider Designs 

It’s the time of year for spring playgrounds and the coming of warmer weather. A great way to rev up the fun is to add some of the latest in playground spring riders designs. These are the perfect fun and safe accessory for any outdoor play area. 

Horse: Horses have been an attractive model for playground spring riders for years. Those with natural designs feature a realistic horse look and feel for plenty of imaginative play. Choose from a range of sizes, colors, and mane and tail styles. Horse spring riders are always a favorite, offering pliable chairs designed for maximum comfort and safety. 

Bugs: Who doesn’t love cute and cuddly bugs? Put some fun in any playground with a bug-shaped spring rider. Choose from bumbling betsy bee or harry hopper designs made from rotomolded plastic for smooth safe fun. These riders are sure to be a hit with the little ones who love buzzing and hopping around the play area. 

Frog: Kids love frogs, and what better way to enjoy them than on a frog-shaped spring rider? These cute models feature a vibrant green color and realistic webbed feet. 

Whale: Just like their aquatic friends, wally the whale spring rider is designed to be as friendly. While not plush, these spring riders feature a pointed snout handlebar, blue skin color, and fins for a comfortable ride. Durable materials make these models ideal for any play area. 

Alligator: The alligator is an iconic symbol of the south, and adding one to your play area is sure to add to the excitement. Alligator spring riders feature detailed designs to make the experience as close to the real thing as possible. The alligator's wide smile will surely bring laughter and smiles to all who use it. 

Moon Buggy: Moon buggies are the perfect addition to any space-inspired playground. The models feature a comfortable and safe ride for one to two kids. Special designs like rocket ships, stars, and planets add to the fun for any little astronaut-in-training. 

Police Bike: Law enforcement-inspired spring riders are sure to excite any little police officers in training. Models feature handlebars and realistic cutouts for a unique look and feel. 

Bulldozer: Bulldozer spring riders offer a little something different, perfect for those looking to experiment. They’re perfect for any future construction worker looking to get a little dirt on their playground. 

These are just some of the fun and exciting playground spring rider designs available for any outdoor play area. With these models, a little imagination and some springy fun are sure to follow. So get ready for some wild rides and make sure to add one of these riders to your play area today.


Replacement Parts for Playground Spring Riders

In schools with children who spend time at playgrounds, finding replacement parts for playground spring riders, or ‘bouncy animals’ as they are sometimes known, is essential to ensuring the safety of children playing. Playground spring riders are a fun and popular addition to playgrounds, but like all playground equipment, the springs, connectors, and bearings can suffer wear and tear over time. When playground spring rider parts are damaged or worn out, it is important to find replacements and have them installed as soon as possible to ensure that the playground spring rider remains safe. Playground spring rider parts come in a range of specs and styles, so it's important to locate the part to fit your specific model. 

By ordering through Picnic Furniture, we can guarantee replacement parts for all our playground spring riders for many years to come! Replacement parts can be difficult to find and even more difficult to match. For our brands, we are able to provide a range of parts to fit a variety of playground spring riders and can advise on the best materials to choose from for your particular environment. The proper replacement springs and parts will minimize any disruption to play time and ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable playground for the children. By ensuring that replacement parts for playground spring riders are replaced safely and promptly, schools can be sure that their children are having as much fun as possible while staying safe on the playground.


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