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Infant Toddler Playground Equipment

Playtime is so important, especially for babies! We've got you covered with our unique selection of infant toddler playground equipment. This age-appropriate commercial playground equipment is designed low-to-the-ground, smooth, and colorful for safe and fun play with children 6-24 months old. Have a daycare, preschool, or nursery? Our toddler playground equipment is not only adorable but also designed to help young ones as they learn how to crawl and walk. And better yet, many of them are interactive, inspiring curious minds to explore, grab, move, and learn! Picnic Furniture offers playgrounds for preschoolers and school-aged kids as well.

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Infant and toddler playground equipment can provide hours of fun while teaching important skills in physical, cognitive, and social development. When it comes to designing a playground, infant, and toddler playground equipment should take center stage. These pieces should be designed with safety, adventure, and skill-building in mind. Furthermore, it is important to design the playground to incorporate a balance of structure and freedom. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to designing your playground and the right pieces of infant and toddler playground equipment can help achieve that goal. These types of equipment feature silicone edges, protective guardrails, rounded and small components, and a padded play surface. Plastic and vinyl-coated chain links should be avoided as these can lead to dangerous pinch points. The adventure also plays an integral role in designing your infant and toddler playground. Popular pieces of adventure playground equipment include slides, bridges, spring rockers, and swings. Climbers and ladders should also be considered as these can provide added stimulation for the development of strength and mobility. Finally, infant and toddler play equipment should include pieces that are designed to build physical, cognitive, and social skills. Some pieces include mirrors, which help to promote self-exploration and language development. Others include activities and panels such as mazes, music equipment, and wheels to help to develop motor skills, as well as coordination. Still, other pieces like crawling tunnels can help to facilitate team-building and cooperative play. When designing an infant or toddler playground, safety, adventure, and skill-building are all essential components. By incorporating these elements into your playground design, you can create a safe and fun environment that your little ones can enjoy for years to come!

Making the switch from indoor to outdoor play is a breeze with commercial playgrounds designed for infants and toddlers! This age group can benefit so much from the fun and development that comes with having a special space to play. Big-kid playgrounds may not be the right fit just yet, which is why it's great to have infant toddler playground equipment available. Whether you're at a church, child-care facility, or public/commercial center, these fantastic, age-appropriate products are sure to bring smiles all around!

Benefits of Infant Toddler Playground Equipment for Daycare

Parents depend on a quality daycare, preschool, or nursery to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for their infant or toddler child as an important priority. To help ensure that their minds and bodies are nurtured, they might opt for a facility that includes infant-toddler playground equipment. These pieces of equipment offer a host of benefits for a child's development. First and foremost, infant toddler playground equipment can help to engage young minds, fostering the process of early learning. Whether they’re just starting to explore or have already reached the active toddler stage, playground equipment on the property helps to keep them captivated, promoting healthy cognitive development. Climbing structures such as rock climbers and slides help to introduce concepts such as balance, gross motor skills, and problem-solving in an exciting and fun way. Parents love the benefits that infant toddler playground equipment presents to their social and emotional development. Playtime on the playground gives them the opportunity to interact with their peers, learn how to cooperate, as well as enhancing their communication, social, and self-expression skills. It also teaches children the value of teamwork and how to share with others. Finally, playground equipment for infants and toddlers provides children with the physical activity that’s important in their very early years. As children engage in different activities, their agility, strength, coordination, and motor skills are improved, helping to ensure that their overall health is nurtured and fostered. When searching for a suitable daycare, preschool, or nursery for their little one, the benefit of having playground equipment within the play yard is always an appealing incentive. Offering meaningful, stimulating, and interactive learning experiences and activities, they can help children to reach their full potential in a safe, age-appropriate, and enjoyable learning environment.

Creative Playground Play Structures for Imaginary Play for Infants and Toddlers

Creative playground play structures designed for imaginative play are an important part of providing a safe, stimulating environment for infants and toddlers. Structures like playhouses, climbing structures, swings, and slides, promote physical and cognitive development in young children. Additionally, imaginative play with these structures can help foster creativity, problem-solving, and fine and gross motor development. 

For infants and toddlers, creative playground play structures should be developmentally appropriate and tailored to their level of play. For example, for infants, the focus should be on structures that promote physical development, such as rockers and climbers. Toddlers, on the other hand, should focus on structures that help support their social and emotional development, such as playhouses and swings. 

Safety is a priority when selecting play structures for infants and toddlers. Infant toddler playground equipment should be low to the ground, reducing the risk of injury during play.  Plastic structures are often preferred due to their durability and their ability to resist damage or wear over time. Wood structures often splinter, weather, and generally become instability making them unreliable for a lengthy amount of time. 

Some common play structures for infants and toddlers include:

Climbing Structures -These encourage physical development and exploration. Structures like rock climbers, ladders, and slides are popular choices for infants and toddlers in the playground. 

Playground sets and Playhouses - These provide a safe space for children to explore their imaginations and engage in dramatic play. Playhouses provide a space for children to practice roles, simulate adults and interact with their peers. Playground sets also include activity panels not only to entertain but to challenge a youngest’s mind and body. 

Swings - Swings are another popular choice in playgrounds that helps promote fine motor coordination and concentration. Swings also provide an opportunity to mentally relax while building up physical strength. Bucket swing seats offer safe positioning for toddlers to be pushed by gently a supervising adult. 

Slides - In addition to being fun, slides also help to strengthen young children’s leg muscles as they climb up and slide down. 

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