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Kids Picnic Tables

What better way is there to enjoy the warm weather than with a picnic? Kids love having their own special spot for snacking, playing games, and making crafts outdoors. Sturdy, safe, and sized just right for little ones, these tables are an excellent option for playgrounds and daycares.

Picnic Furniture offers outdoor picnic tables designed specifically with young children in mind. Our tables feature rounded corners, smooth surfaces, and colorful patterns kids adore. With choices kids love that adults can trust, these tables will provide a safe space for children to gather on the playground.

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Features to Look for When Buying Kid's Picnic Tables

When shopping for the perfect outdoor picnic table for kids, there are a few key features to keep in mind. Seek out rounded corners and edges for safety. Choose table and bench sets made from sturdy, weather-resistant materials like thermoplastics or powder-coated steel that can withstand years of use by rambunctious kids. The benches and table tops should be securely attached to the frame to prevent wobbling or accidents.


The best options will have smooth, splinter-free surfaces and comfortable contoured seats to enable carefree fun. Don’t forget to look for fun colors, patterns, and designs.


How to Choose the Right Picnic Table

The right picnic table will strongly depend on the ages and sizes of the children using them. Avoid oversized or undersized tables. For example, to find the right size for a school playground, consider the average height of the age group at your school. Opt for a table that will allow students' thighs to fit comfortably under the top and feet to rest flat on the ground. Many kids' tables are made for specific age groups, so check the specifications before purchasing.


When choosing materials, be sure to select options that are easy to clean. Arts and crafts, snack time, and play tend to get messy. Picnic Furniture offers tables in smooth, non-porous materials like plastic and metal that can simply be wiped clean when spills or stains occur. This saves you time and energy compared to materials like wood, which can rot and splinter without routine sealing. Easy-to-clean materials are essential for keeping outdoor picnic tables safe and sanitary.


How to Maintain and Care for Kid's Picnic Tables

Properly caring for a kids' table will help it last for years of enjoyment. Be sure to check the hardware regularly and tighten any loose bolts or joints that could make the table unstable. Wipe down table tops and benches after each use to remove dirt, food spills, and grime before it has a chance to build up. Plastic and metal tables can be washed periodically with mild soap and water, but avoid harsh cleaners that could damage the finish.


Store the table covered during winter or when not in use for extended periods to minimize exposure to the elements. With proper care and maintenance, outdoor picnic tables can stay clean, smooth, and structurally sound year after year.


Browse our collection of quality kid-size tables and contact us if you have any questions.



How are kid's picnic tables different from regular picnic tables?

Picnic Furniture's tables for kids are smaller in size and more colorful than regular picnic tables. They are designed with safety features like round edges to prevent accidents. These features present a fun and approachable feel for kids.


What are common materials used in kid's picnic tables?

The most common materials used in children's picnic tables are plastic, metal, and wood. Plastic tables are light and affordable, while metal tables are more durable. For tables from more sustainable sources, you might prefer recycled plastic. Wood is a popular choice for its aesthetics, but it is harder to clean and maintain.


What safety features should a kids' picnic table have?

Children's picnic tables should have a sturdy construction and the stability to withstand the weight of several kids. Look for round corners to avoid injuries, solid benches for secure seating, and low heights for easy access. The paint used should be non-toxic and lead-free.


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