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Bike Racks for Schools & Universities

Find the most popular school bike racks made from galvanized steel. Bike rack styles include A frame, W frame, J frame, circle, low profile, and wave racks or loop style bike racks. These products are built to last and park bicycles for years of use. Keeping bike parking organized and secure are two main features we consider when supplying bike racks to schools. All bike rack selections come in many sizes and configurations to meet all requirements whether you are on a college campus, public school, or private school. Call our superior customer service team today for a discounted quote!

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School Bike Racks - Keep Bikes Safe & Out of the Way

Many of today’s students elect to ride their bikes to school. And why not, given all the benefits this mode of transportation contains? Bike riding is a cheap, reliable form of travel that also promotes health and fitness. Universities with dorms or schools built within residential neighborhoods have an increased number of daily bike riders. Students will need a secure, safe place to store their bikes while attending class. This makes school bike racks even more essential when accommodating these commuting students. It allows them to focus on the current lectures rather than worrying about their unattended property. Bike racks deter thieves from taking off, selling, or scraping parked bikes, waiting for their owner’s return. Properly installed school bike racks will provide a stable space for students to chain their bikes. However, the location of the bike rack is also important. There needs to be enough room for people to secure their bikes, but not where it takes up too much space on walkways or parking lots. The bikes need to be kept out of the way and safe, preventing potential damages caused by motorists or other bike riders. 

What is the best surface to install an Outdoor Bike Rack?

Although concrete is the most common and easiest-to-install surface type, we have outdoor bike racks that include mounting options that can be installed on virtually any surface!  Whether your surface is pavement, pavers, grass, dirt, sand, or wood, our bicycle racks are made available with inground, surface mount, or portable options to accommodate your placements. Wherever you have space on campus, we have a bike rack that can secure your student’s bikes!

How do I know which Mounting Option to choose?

The mounting option is determined based on the ground surfacing the bike rack will be installed. We have three possible mounting options: portable, surface mount, and in-ground. 


This mount keeps bikes secure and upright without needing to break ground. Portable mounts can be placed anywhere on a flat, level surface. This mounting option is entirely freestanding and does not require an anchor, allowing them to be moved from location to location as needed. Wave racks are an example of a bike rack not available with a portable mount option. 

Surface Mount

Secures the bicycle rack by drilling concrete bolts into a solid surface, such as cement or pavement. Surface mount is the most common mounting option available due to its fixed placement and convenient installation on an existing foundation.  Considered to be semi-permanant with possible relocation if desired. 


Allows outdoor bike racks to be placed on grass, dirt, or gravel without needing the existence of a slab. It is also commonly installed before pouring a new slab for a clean, no-bolt appearance. In-ground mounts need to be installed properly at the correct depth, depending on the city’s code and the consistency of the ground. Once installed, the placement is permanent. Loops and wave racks are the most available in in-ground mount.