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Princess Place Preserve: How A Palm Coast Love Story Resulted in Florida’s First Inground Concrete Swimming Pool and One of the U.S. Registered Historical National Parks

Tucked away, in a heavily wooded area in Palm Coast, Florida, there are long dirt trails that lead to a hidden historical treasure. The Princess Place Preserve, an estate inspired by love that would lead to the construction of the state’s first swimming pool.

Princess Place Preserve Bridge and Trail

Princess Place History

In 1886, a ma...

Securing Your Picnic Tables - A Practical Guide from Picnic Furniture

It’s horrible to think that this world contains bad people, who are looking for any open opportunity to take advantage of good people. On Sunday morning of 6/18/17, the owner of Annie’s Ice Cream Shackof East Freetown, MA along with her daughter, discovered that something was missing from their fami...

Choosing Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables

Many public and private facilities strive to provide access for all individuals, including those that have disabilities requiring the use of a wheelchair. Whether you are required to offer accessibility or you simply choose to do so, you may find yourself populating outdoor seating areas with picnic...

Announcing our November "Educational Support" Winner!
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Happy Holidays from your friends at Picnic Furniture!

Over the last month we have invited schools and universities across the nation to enter into our monthly drawing for FREE product in support of the faculty and students that make up our educational institutions. To be a part of this contest simp...

Thermoplastic Picnic Tables Prevents Offensive Graffiti in Parks and Schools
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Whether you’re a school administrator or local park official, you may have experienced the frustration of finding graffiti in the spaces where you work. This type of vandalism can take the form of larger tags and painted slogans, but more often graffiti doesn’t even implicate spray cans. Some of ...

World's Longest Picnic Table: Attempt to Break Guinness World Record
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On September 24th 2016, just two days after the official start of fall, members of the community-based Colorado nonprofit group Leadership Evergreen will attempt to smash the Guinness world record for the longest park picnic table. As it stands, the record was set recently by the German-based compa...

Pokemon Go Guide For Parks & Businesses



5 tips on how to enhance your business using Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and was recently ranked the most popular game in U.S. History! This may seem like just a silly game to some but there are massive implications in how this technology can affect businesses and park...

The Bench Traveler
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The Bench Traveler

Picnic Furniture provides benches to many venues around the world. You will find our benches in schools, parks, residential communities, and restaurants. Benches are a part of our everyday lives and we recognize the value of a well placed bench! Our owner John Gravlee h...

Concrete Care & Maintenance
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Picnic Furniture sells a variety of concrete site furnishings such as trash cans, picnic tables, and benches. Concrete site furnishings and precast concrete items can be easily maintained to preserve the attractive appearance and extend the life of the product. Here are some of the follow...

The Buddy Bench



What Is The Buddy Bench?



"The buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. Let's spread the message of inclusion and kindness!" - From The Official Buddy Bench Website



How does the buddy bench work?

If you are sitting on the be...