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Commercial Outdoor Trash Cans

Our commercial outdoor trash cans are designed for high performance in outdoor elements and heavy public use. These quality trash cans come in a wide variety of different durable materials such as concrete, plastic coated steel, commercial plastic, and recycled plastic for low maintenance, corrosion resistant litter collection. The best choice in waste management for any school, pool deck, residential community, and public park. We offer many commercial trash receptacles that specialize in the disposal and assortment of select rubbish including recycling bins, ash and trash combos, and cigarette disposal and ash urns. Pick from an array of vibrant colors and finishes to stand out or match existing site amenities. Customize select trash receptacles with a sign or logo laser cut into the frame. Working on a project? Let our sales professionals do some of the work for you by organizing a fast quote with the best quantity discounts to present to your board or committee! Get started by calling, chatting, or emailing Picnic Furniture with the details!


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What are the Benefits of Commercial Outdoor Trash Receptacles?

Above all others, trash cans will help any location stay free of waste and keep the grounds clean. Keeping the grounds clean means improving overall sanitation and helping to create a cleaner and more pleasant outdoor environment so patrons can fully enjoy your beautiful venue. Our assortment of trash cans includes many styles because well-designed, aesthetically pleasing trash receptacles can help to enhance the look of any outdoor space. Not only does your commercial or public space look clean and tidy but it will also smell nice as odors are trapped within a trash can. This also leads to reducing the number of pests in the area, as they will not be attracted to exposed food and waste. 

What are commercial outdoor trash cans used for?

Commercial Trash Cans are a must-have to keep your park, school, or business clean and odor free! Our selection of outdoor trash receptacles can be used for Schools, Pool Decks, Residential Communities, Malls, and of course Parks and Picnic Grounds. If people frequent the area it is a good idea to have a place to dispose of waste.

What materials are commercial outdoor trash cans made of?

Commercial outdoor trash cans are typically made of durable materials such as commercial-grade plastic, coated steel, industrial concrete, and heavy-duty recycled plastic in order to withstand high levels of usage. Stainless steel and plastic resin are commonly used due to their strength, corrosion resistance, and durability.

How do I choose the right commercial outdoor trash can for my needs?

When selecting the right commercial outdoor trash can for your needs, it is important to assess the purpose, size and budget for the can. Factors to consider include the size of the area you need the trash can to cover, the type of waste disposal you require and the number of people that will be using it. It is also important to decide whether to buy a lid and what material will best suit the application.

Best Deals on Commercial Bins & Trash Cans

Trash receptacles are perfect for office entryways, laundry areas, pools, patios, and walkways throughout your community. From hexagonal and round styles to raised mounted trashcans and recycling bins, this selection has everything you need to find the right pieces to suit your residential community. Choose from various sizes that range from 8 gallons up to 60 gallons.

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