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Playground Equipment for Schools

Picnic Furniture is one of the top playground equipment suppliers for all playground equipment for schools! We offer many fantastic choices of schools playground equipment to entertain any age group. Playground equipment for schools is not only about fun but offers important developmental benefits for children to explore, investigate, and learn through active play. Designed to help kids develop fine and gross motor skills, refine balance, build muscle, and strengthen cognitive abilities through play. Safety and comfort are our biggest concerns so all of our play structures come with a target age range, use zone, and fall height to help you pick the best set for your venue. For assistance when building your outdoor play space call our office and our friendly staff will help walk you through it! From complete playground equipment sets, slides, swings, climbers, and music equipment, we have everything you need to populate the recessed area playground for schools. Talk to our professional about your school’s playground plans and get a written quote today!

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Benefits of Playgrounds in Schools

Playgrounds for schools have many more benefits that far exceed just being a child’s favorite part of the school day. Playground equipment for schools provides children with a place to participate in physical activities, boosting their intellectual, social, and sensory development. 

Physical Benefits of Playgrounds for schools

First and foremost, playground equipment for schools provides students with a great way to expend energy and keep physically fit. Schools playground equipment includes activities that help improve gross motor skills, strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. This type of physical activity is important for children’s physical development, muscle strengthening, and bone growth. School playground equipment also helps burn off stress and can be a great source of fun.

Cognitive Benefits of Playgrounds for schools

Playground equipment for schools benefits children’s cognitive development, as they are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity while engaging in some form of physical activity. This type of play helps children strengthen their problem-solving skills and allows them to think and experiment in unique ways. For instance, many school playground equipment including swings, slides, playhouses, music, and other pieces of interactive activities offers children a variety of sensory experiences. They can even be a means of challenging kids with sensories sensitivities. For more information on fun elementary school playground activities for sensory development, visit our informative blog!

Social Benefits of Playgrounds for schools

Playgrounds for schools give children an opportunity to socialize and interact with their peers in a safe and friendly environment. This is incredibly important, especially for young children who have not yet learned the art of human interaction. On the school playground equipment, children can work together to solve problems or play games with one another without feeling intimidated or isolated. Playgrounds for schools are an invaluable environment for building teamwork, collaboration, and other important social skills.

Safe Playground Equipment for Schools 

The importance of safe playground equipment for schools cannot be overstated. Having safe and quality school playground equipment on campuses gives students a platform to have fun and learn important social skills as well. When it comes to school playground safety there are several factors to consider when determining the proper school playground equipment:

ASTM Rated

To ensure school playground safety when choosing playground equipment for schools, it is important that standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) are met. This means that any schools playground equipment should be inspected and tested for safety features before being installed. Some of the most common school playground safety features in school playground equipment should include secure and strong handrails and good traction for skid-free surfaces among others. 

Spacing and Capacity

A secure area for kids to enjoy themselves is just as important as the school playground equipment itself. There needs to be ample room on the playground for the schools playground equipment to be properly spaced so children can run around, play, and even fall without risk of injury from obstructions. This is known as the use zone or play zone. For school playground safety, the capacity of the school playground equipment should also be taken into consideration to avoid overcrowding the area. 

Age Range

It is very important for schools to choose school playground equipment appropriate for the age of the students who will be using it. Too often, playgrounds for schools are filled with school playground equipment that is too advanced for younger children, which can pose a safety hazard. The #1 factor is fall height. The age range is often determined based on the fall height of the schools playground equipment. The higher up the school playground equipment, the more damage can be taken from a fall. The age groups are typically divided into up to 2 years, 2 to 5 years, or 5 to 12 years. Be sure to include the appropriate age range for your school playground equipment.


Ground surfacing is an essential element of school playground safety. Not only does the right playground surface help to cushion children during falls, but it also creates an even playground surface that allows for a variety of activities. A well-maintained playground surface is essential to providing a safe area in which both children and adults can play and participate in physical activities.

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