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Commercial Planters & Concrete Bollards

Picnic Furniture's commercial planters and concrete bollards provide an elegant look that can spruce up any shopping center, restaurant, apartment community, school, and state park. Flowers, bushes, and trees bring natural respite to visitors and employees while adding to the richness of your landscape. Our planters accommodate any live plant or flower arrangement without the need for a flower bed. Bollards in stylish and eye-catching designs direct the flow of traffic and prevent access to unwanted vehicles. We offer a large selection of different shapes and sizes to perfectly complement your space. Include planters and bollards crafted out of heavy-duty concrete or industrial-grade recycled plastic to your order to brighten up and create flow in your venue. Our commercial planters and concrete bollards are manufactured in the USA.

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What types of bollards are available?

There are a variety of bollards available in different sizes, styles, and materials. Common types include plastic and concrete. Traditional bollards are common outside of shopping centers, schools, and parks while planter bollards are an aesthetically pleasing option that is growing in popularity for municipalities and city gardens. The type of bollard you choose will depend on your individual needs and the application that it will be used for.

How do I install bollards?

The installation process for bollards will depend on the type of mounting style you select. Most bollards can be installed in either a concrete or asphalt foundation using a threaded bolt anchor or a steel pipe inserted into a hollow core. It’s important to follow the directions that come with the bollard you choose.

What are the advantages of using bollards?

Commercial bollards are typically used to provide physical guidance and obstacle protection in public or private areas such as pedestrian walkways or parks. Bollards offer a number of advantages, including: increased safety and security by creating physical boundaries to protect nearby buildings and pedestrians; visual markers to direct people’s movement; and protection of electric or communication lines. They also can be used to aesthetically improve outdoor areas. Regularly inspecting your bollards and keeping them clean is important to maintain their appearance and overall performance.