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School’s in Session – Four ideas to teach kids to recycle and throw out the trash

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Securing Your Picnic Tables - A Practical Guide from Picnic Furniture

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Choosing Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables

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Commercial Outdoor Furniture by Picnic Furniture

Picnic Furniture's customers include Cities, Schools, Universities, Homeowners Associations, Churches, Parks, YMCA'S...and the list goes on. We deliver from coast to coast in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries. Success comes down to customer care. We answer the phone when you call and are professionally trained to help. Our prices are good and supported by our loyal suppliers for over 10 years. History with our vendors is important to us to give our customers the best products at the best price over and over. As they say, we have it all and ready for your call!

Picnic Tables


Picnic Furniture specializes in selling all styles of picnic tables to meet our customer needs. We offer a variety of commercial picnic tables such as thermoplastic picnic tables, concrete picnic tables, wooden picnic tables, aluminum picnic tables and a variety of other picnic table materials and styles. Whatever picnic table you are searching for, Picnic Furniture has just the one for you.

Pool Furniture


Pool Furniture by Picnic Furniture is the highest quality commercial pool furniture. Resort and hotel pool furniture, apartment pool furniture, pool furniture for Home Owner's Associations, and community swimming pools are our specialties. Our swimming pool furniture is designed for stylish looks and quality functionality in commercial environments. Commercial materials are used to reduce corrosion from salt and chlorine while the newest materials provide beautiful pool furniture styles.

Trash Cans


Trash cans that are rated for commercial outdoor use are for sale by Picnic Furniture. Commercial trash cans featured are concrete trash cans, plastic coated steel trash cans, plastic trash cans, and recycled plastic trash cans for public trash collection. Our customers requirements vary from fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King to your local schools and universities. Commercial trash collection requires trash cans that are attractive and durable. Picnic Furniture receptacles are found at government installations and retail malls all over the USA.

Barbecue Grills


Barbecue grills are a very popular product for Picnic Furniture. A variety of BBQ grills such as Single Pedestal Grills, Quick Ship Grills, Pavilion Grills, and Fire Rings are all available and ready to ship.  Our commercial BBQ grills are used at campgrounds, parks, and residential communities. America loves outdoor barbeque all year long and especially in the spring. It is a national rite of spring to barbecue hamburgers and hotdogs for friends and family. You will find all styles and sizes of barbecue grills as you search Picnic Furniture.

Commercial Umbrellas


Picnic Furniture offers commercial umbrellas, sometimes called contract umbrellas such as the durable Fiberglass Rib Contract Umbrellas and Aluminum Rib Contract Umbrellas. Our commercial umbrellas are designed for use at swimming pools, patios and restaurants outdoor cafes.All styles and sizes to provide shade in commercial outdoor environments can be found at Picnic Furniture.

Bleachers for Schools


Bleachers for schools come in standard lengths of 7.5 feet, 15 feet, 27 feet wide with row seating. We specialize in commercial quality portable bleachers for schools. Portable bleachers are small enough to move when needed for school events. All types of portable school bleachers are made of heavy duty aluminum or galvanized steel for years of event seating. Many of our commercial school bleachers offer Tip & Roll for portability while other sizes have full risers and foot-boards to meet local codes for safety.

Park Benches


Park benches are often a companion product for parks, schools, city scapes, and corporate buildings. If you are looking for variety browse through our outdoor benches made from wood, concrete, thermoplastic, metal, recycled plastic, plastic coated and aluminum. Public benches are favorites for park trails, schools, bus stops, and all public places. Search Picnic Furniture for the perfect park benches to add to your project.

Commercial Bike Racks


Commercial bike racks include the most typical Public Bike racks. Bike rack styles are A frame bike racks, J Frame Bike Racks, Loop bike racks and our low profile bike rack. Our bike racks provide bicycle park solutions for schools, parks, and cities. If you want a fancy stylish bicycle rack we can accommodate that requirement as well. If you haven't guessed by now, Picnic furniture is dedicated to making sure we have all your commercial picnic furniture needs.