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Concrete Care & Maintenance


Picnic Furniture sells a variety of concrete site furnishings such as trash cans, picnic tables, and benches. Concrete site furnishings and precast concrete items can be easily maintained to preserve the attractive appearance and extend the life of the product. Here are some of the following maintenance procedures to keep your concrete furnishing looking new for the long time that it will be around.


Year Round Maintenance of Concrete


• Power sweep then pressure wash total precast surface. Spot clean any stained areas.

• To clean marks from concrete products, a simple off-the-shelf cleaner will handle most cases.

• These types of cleaners are often classified as neutral, non-aggressive cleaners, and may require effort to remove some of the tougher marks.

• Always start with the most neutral cleaner and work your way toward the more aggressive cleaners.

• Check the precast for broken and chipped pieces. Some pieces may be patched. Notify Picnic Furniture of damaged pieces. We will then assemble and send a patch kit with repair instructions. Please contact us before repairing, and review patching procedures.


Weather Maintenance of Concrete


• Please be sure to use plastic, rubber or nylon tip equipment; this will help prevent scratches on the concrete.

• De-icing salts can damage concrete, causing them to scale or break up. These chemicals should be used sparingly and with caution on our concrete products. No salt-based products should be used. Calcium magnesium acetate and calcium chloride cause the least damage to concrete.

• De-icers should be used only when necessary to help loosen snow and ice, and make removal easier. Never over-apply de-icing products, and remove slush before it has the opportunity to refreeze. Mix the de-icers with sand to increase their effectiveness and reduce overall use. Always read and follow label directions when applying de-icing materials.


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