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Durable Metal Picnic Tables: Built to Last

Picnic tables are a staple of outdoor community spaces and recreation areas. While wooden picnic tables have traditionally been popular, metal picnic tables are becoming increasingly common due to their unmatched durability. If you're looking for picnic tables that can withstand years of use without much maintenance, metal is the way to go.

Metal picnic tables are picnic tables made from metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and powder-coated steel. Unlike wooden tables, metal picnic tables can withstand constant outdoor use in all weather conditions with minimal maintenance required.

We'll cover everything you need to know about durable metal picnic tables, with a focus on top-quality options from Picnic Furniture. You'll learn about different metals used, key benefits, ideal locations, care and maintenance, design considerations, and frequently asked questions.

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Picnic Furniture's High-Quality Metal Picnic Tables

Picnic Furniture has decades of experience creating high-performance metal picnic tables. With close to 20 years of expertise in the outdoor furniture industry, our team understands exactly what features and construction details to look for when selecting durable picnic tables that withstand heavy use in public parks, as well as provide a lifetime of memories in family backyards.

Discover what sets us apart from other commercial outdoor picnic tables on the market:

  • Metals Used: Picnic Furniture uses aluminum and steel. The metals are specially selected based on the needs of each table.
  • Metal Combinations: Picnic Furniture tables strategically combine metals to get the perfect balance of durability, affordability, and aesthetics.
  • Specialized Production: State-of-the-art cutting, welding, and finishing technology are used to build rugged tables.
  • Durable Finishes: Powder-coated and galvanized finishes protect the metal from corrosion and rust.

In addition to standard models, Picnic Furniture offers metal picnic tables specially designed for accessibility. Our ADA Rectangular Aluminum Picnic Table with 2 Space Wheelchair Access is fully accessible and provides space for five adults plus two wheelchairs: one at the end and one at the side. At Picnic Furniture, we believe strongly in the importance of accessibility and providing outdoor furniture that can be comfortably used by all.

With meticulous construction and premium-grade metals, Picnic Furniture's metal picnic tables have been made to serve communities and families for decades. For your next metal picnic table that will last for years to come, look no further than the durable, long-lasting options from Picnic Furniture. We can help you find the perfect table to furnish your park, garden, patio, or business.

The Benefits of Metal Picnic Tables

There are many compelling reasons to choose metal when shopping for your next picnic table. With their unparalleled durability, weather resistance, stability, and ease of maintenance, quality metal picnic tables represent one of the smartest investments you can make for creating an outdoor dining area that will last.

Here are some of the top benefits you'll enjoy:

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of metal picnic tables is that they require very little maintenance. You'll never need to stain, seal, or paint a metal table. This saves you time and money on annual upkeep. The minimal maintenance also makes metal tables perfect for public spaces.

Weather Resistance

Metal is inherently more durable when exposed to outdoor elements like rain, snow, and sun. Metal tables won't crack, splinter, or become warped from moisture. The non-porous surface prevents the absorption of water and humidity compared to natural wood. This allows metal tables to be left outdoors year-round.

Long Lasting

A high-quality metal table will easily last 10-15+ years in most environments. The long lifespan represents major value, saving you from frequent replacement costs. With just a simple yearly cleaning, a metal picnic table should serve your outdoor space well for over a decade.

Sturdy and Stable

Metal tables are generally very heavy and sturdy. You don't have to worry about wobbly tables that shake when in use. The heft of quality steel or aluminum provides rock-solid stability for dining and gatherings. This sturdy construction also withstands frequent rearranging.

Easy to Clean

Metal surfaces can be easily cleaned with soap and water using a soft cloth. No need for special cleaners or power washing. The non-porous finish prevents the absorption of spills, dirt, and grime that can stain natural wood. Just an occasional mild detergent scrubbing keeps metal picnic tables looking fresh.

Ideal for Public Places

The durability and low maintenance needs make metal tables perfect for public parks, campgrounds, pools, and community spaces. With minimal upkeep requirements, parks and recreation departments can save on annual maintenance costs. The tough construction also deters vandalism commonly seen with wooden tables.

Their durability makes them a practical choice where constant use is expected, and annual upkeep needs to be minimized. By selecting a high-quality metal picnic table designed for long-lasting performance, you can benefit from durable, low-maintenance outdoor furniture that withstands the elements for decades.

The Superior Durability of Metal

So, what exactly makes outdoor picnic tables so incredibly durable? There are a few key properties of quality metals like steel and aluminum that make them inherently longer-lasting for outdoor furniture compared to other materials. Here are the key factors:

  • Metals are unaffected by moisture, rot, and pests like termites.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum are especially resistant to rust and corrosion when properly maintained.
  • Metal constructions are structurally solid and rigid, preventing loose joints or damage from heavy loads.
  • Metal tables have withstood sun, rain, snow, and temperature extremes over the years.
  • Metal surfaces resist scratches, stains, and other wear.

Ideal Locations for Metal Picnic Tables

Thanks to their ruggedness and weather-resistant properties, metal picnic tables thrive in both indoor and outdoor locations, including:

  • Public Parks and Campgrounds: The durability of metal picnic tables allows them to stand up to the heavy foot traffic and constant year-round outdoor weather exposure found in public parks and campgrounds. Their sturdy construction is made to withstand frequent use by guests.
  • Backyards: For homeowners wanting a permanent backyard dining option, metal tables are a smart choice that will provide decades of low-maintenance, worry-free outdoor dining. Never having to stain or seal the table again makes metal a practical backyard investment.
  • Lakesides and Beaches: Unlike wood, the smooth, non-porous surfaces of metal picnic tables aren't easily damaged by water and sand. Metals like stainless steel and aluminum readily withstand the wet, gritty conditions at lakes, rivers, and beaches.
  • Community Spaces: Outdoor areas at apartments, neighborhoods, condos, and homeowner's associations get a lot of use. The durability and weather resistance of metal make it ideal for housing complexes, shared neighborhood spaces, and HOA outdoor areas that need sturdy, lasting furnishings.

Their durable, weatherproof construction makes metal picnic tables the perfect choice for a wide variety of outdoor locales. Whether needed for a backyard patio, a community park, or a lakeside retreat, a quality metal picnic table can provide durable outdoor seating for years of enjoyment.

Caring for Your Metal Picnic Table

Metal picnic tables are pretty much maintenance-free, but there are a few simple care tips to follow:

  • Wipe down tables regularly with a damp cloth to remove dirt, debris, and grime.
  • Use a mild soap and water solution for occasional deeper cleaning.
  • Watch for visible rust spots and treat them early with rust converters.
  • For long-term rust prevention, apply paste wax 1-2 times per year.

Unlike wood, they cannot be refinished or sanded down to restore their appearance. That's why taking a proactive approach by performing minor upkeep tasks can prevent visible wear and tear over the many years of your table's lifespan.

By following the basic maintenance tips outlined in this section, you can easily keep your metal picnic table clean, rust-free, and in top shape for seasons of outdoor dining and gatherings.

How to Choose the Right Metal Picnic Table

Because of the wide range of picnic tables on the market, it can be difficult to determine which style best fits your space and needs. From materials and sizes, there are many factors to consider when selecting your ideal outdoor picnic table, including:

  • Size: Measure your space and determine how many people you need to seat. Standard metal picnic tables are about 6-8 feet long.
  • Table Material: Compare the pros and cons of different metals like aluminum, powder-coated steel, and stainless steel for your needs.
  • Extra Features: Consider add-ons like other outdoor furniture, umbrellas and shades, grills, and more to enhance functionality.
  • Budget: High-quality metal picnic tables start around $800. More complex designs and premium materials will increase costs.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate these criteria ensures you will select the perfect table for your situation and budget.

About Picnic Furniture

Picnic Furniture is a family-owned provider of high-quality commercial outdoor furniture across the USA. For nearly 20 years, we have offered thousands of durable metal picnic tables, benches, bleachers, grills, and more to parks, schools, businesses, and backyards nationwide. Our diverse catalog includes contemporary pool, patio, and lounge collections in addition to our classic picnic furnishings. As a company founded on customer service, Picnic Furniture takes pride in being a friendly, responsive supplier of long-lasting outdoor furniture that stands the test of time.

Discover the difference with our durable, competitively priced furnishings built to withstand decades of use.


What are the best materials for durable metal picnic tables?

Powder-coated steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are excellent materials when properly constructed. Stainless steel offers the best corrosion resistance.

Do metal picnic tables get hot in the sun?

Yes, metal surfaces can get hotter than wood when in direct sun. Tables with aluminum or light-colored powder-coated paint stay cooler. Adding umbrellas helps provide shade.

Can you leave metal picnic tables outdoors year-round?

Absolutely. Metal is inherently more durable than wood for full-weather exposure. Just check periodically for any maintenance needs.

What's the best way to clean a metal picnic table?

Use a damp cloth or soft brush with mild soap and water for regular cleaning. For deeper cleaning, use a power washer on a low setting.

How do I prevent rust and corrosion on a metal picnic table?

Choose metals like powder-coated steel or aluminum. Use high-quality finishes. Cover when not in use. Regularly maintain and apply protective wax.


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