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Octagon Picnic Tables

Octagon picnic tables are popular outdoor furniture choices for schools, parks, restaurants, apartments, and other commercial venues looking to provide durable and stylish outdoor seating. Compared to traditional tables, octagons offer some unique advantages that make them well-suited for high-traffic public spaces. Picnic Furniture's versatile line of octagon tables offers expanded seating options designed to withstand decades of use.

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The Benefits of Octagonal Picnic Tables

Maximum Seating Capacity

One of the biggest perks of octagonal tables is their exceptional seating capacity. The eight-sided shape can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people, maximizing the number of people you can seat with a single table. This allows you to seat more guests, students, or residents while using fewer total tables.

Commercial venues like apartment complexes, fast food restaurants, and schools often want to optimize seating in outdoor common areas without taking up too much space. Octagonal picnic tables are the perfect solution, giving you that ideal balance of seating and a smaller footprint.

Space Savings

In addition to seating more people per table, octagonal tables also save space. Octagons can be efficiently arranged close together, while long rectangular tables typically require more surrounding area. If your outdoor dining area is tight on square footage, octagonal tables might be the perfect solution. These space savings also give you the ability to fit more octagon tables in the same area. You can create a comfortable dining or hangout area without crowding the space.

Stylish Aesthetic

In addition to their practical perks, octagonal tables also provide a stylish look for commercial spaces. Their unique shape stands out from standard rectangle tables, giving your venue a modern flair. Octagonal tables come in a variety of materials and colors to match your brand. Whether you want a sleek gray thermoplastic table, a traditional brown wooden table, or a bright red recycled plastic table, there are many options to coordinate with your theme.

What to Look for When Buying Octagon Picnic Tables


Commercial venues require outdoor furniture that can withstand heavy daily use, year after year. Picnic Furniture's octagonal picnic tables are available in extra durable materials built to last in public spaces.

Thermoplastic-coated metal or recycled poly picnic tables are also excellent options. Outdoor poly furniture won't rust and is resistant to damage from pests, weather, moisture, and UV rays, preserving the vibrant color and smooth finish for decades. Coated metal frames create a sturdy, solid base that holds up well to frequent use.

ADA Accessibility

For restaurants, apartments, schools, and other public spaces, it’s important to provide ADA-compliant seating areas for disabled guests. Picnic Furniture offers ADA-compliant octagonal picnic tables with attached benches and wheelchair cutouts, and specific height and space requirements. This ensures the tables are welcoming and usable by all, creating an inclusive outdoor space. ADA octagon tables come with the same durability and low-maintenance features as standard octagonal tables, and the open shape still allows flexible seating arrangements to accommodate wheelchairs.

Long-Lasting Value

Investing in high-quality commercial-grade picnic tables saves money and time. You won’t have to continually replace low-cost tables that warp, fade, or break down too quickly. Picnic Furniture's octagonal picnic tables are built to last, and with proper maintenance, they will serve your business for 20+ years. This durable one-time investment brings outstanding long-term value. It’s worth spending a little more upfront for a table that will handle heavy commercial use for decades.

Convenient Shipping

We understand that convenience is key for businesses. That’s why we offer quick shipping directly from our U.S. warehouses to your facility. This saves you the hassle of arranging pickups or coordinating deliveries. Simply order online and your commercial-grade tables will arrive on time.

Don’t settle for flimsy consumer tables from the local hardware store. Get durable octagonal tables shipped hassle-free right to your commercial property.

Durable Octagon Picnic Tables from Picnic Furniture

If you need to maximize seating capacity while adding style to your commercial outdoor area, octagonal picnic tables are the perfect solution. Our tables allow you to accommodate more guests comfortably without taking up too much valuable real estate.

Choosing durable, high-quality materials like thermoplastic-coated steel, recycled plastic, or stained wood will ensure your investment will last for decades with proper maintenance. We manufacture top-quality octagonal tables right here in the USA. With the option for direct shipping from our warehouse, you can have hassle-free delivery right to your facility for immediate use.

To discuss material and color options or request a customized quote, contact us today.


What are the best materials for octagon picnic tables?

For optimal durability and ease of maintenance in commercial settings, thermoplastic metal and recycled plastic are some of the best materials for octagonal picnic tables. These materials are extremely durable and provide vibrant, fade-resistant color options.

What is the seating capacity of an octagon picnic table?

The eight-sided octagon shape can comfortably seat 8 people per table. This maximizes seating capacity, allowing room for more guests without taking up extra space.

Are octagonal picnic tables good for small spaces?

Yes, the octagon shape can save space since the tables can be arranged closely together. This allows you to fit more seating in a small area compared to long rectangular tables.

Can you get ADA-accessible octagonal picnic tables?

Yes, the octagon shape can be made ADA-compliant with attached benches, wheelchair cutouts, and ADA-standard dimensions. Picnic Furniture offers specially made ADA-compliant tables.

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