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Memorial Park Benches

Memorial Park Benches create lasting memories of where a loved one once enjoyed a park, public garden, facility, or institute. There are many benefits to purchasing a personalized Memorial Park Bench. Personalizing outdoor benches with the memory of a loved one provide a constant reminder of their presence. Charitable contributors can be forever acknowledged for their generous gifts. Memorial Park Benches may also be found with a logo for schools, teams, and companies on university quads, courtyards, and public squares. Whatever your needs may be, Picnic Furniture offers an assortment of comfortable outdoor benches to engrave, laser-cut, or plaque with your custom logo, script, or image. We will give a proof before manufacturing so you know in advance how the bench will look ensuring it will be perfect in every way. Give a permanent honor to a loved one or personalize outdoor benches with a Memorial Park Bench.

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Can I sit on a Memorial Bench?

Sitting on a memorial bench is not only acceptable but it is actually encouraged! Memorial benches are intended to commemorate the life and memory of a loved one, and to put that memory to good use--helping people to enjoy the outdoors, relax, and remember the person who has passed.

Memories that will last a lifetime

Whether you want classic wood slats with a cast frame or heavy-duty poured concrete, our Memorial Park Benches are built to withstand all weather and outdoor elements for years. Plaques are made with high-quality casting material and color printed for longevity. Our coated steel benches feature industrial laser cutting while our long-lasting recycled plastic lumber and concrete benches are etched and filled with a high contrast fade-resistant color to ensure the memory of your loved one will stand the test of time.